Because to support knowledge is also necessary to have the right tools!

Platform Support 8m.12013 8m x 039 (Large)12013 039 (Large)
Decompression chamber with seating for six divers.
High-pressure compressors Bauer.
Train composed of breathable air bottles Spirotécnique.
Helmets AGA, EXO26 communications.
Mobile submarines.
Equipment for shooting loop.
Equipment shoot open circuit.
Recompression Chamber
Equipment for ultrasonic thickness measurement certified by Lloyds. ”
Digital recording equipment and closed circuit Marinevision.
Kirby Morgan Helmets (km37 and KM28).
Mixing of gases Neumo system.
Umbilical four lines communications.WP_000049
B.P compressors, semi-autonomous – Hookah.
Equipment underwater cutting and welding Divex and Broco.
Boat semi-rigid support 50 H. P.
Vessel Swift intervention 15 HP
Demolition equipment and underwater recording Atlas Copco.
Hydraulic suspension 30 Tons
Equipment for injecting epoxy resins Hilti.
Equipment Hidrojet
All hydraulic equipment adapted to underwater environments
Balloons suspension.
Dredging Pumps Toya 5, 10 and 30 HP.
Industrial Compressor.
Demolition Hammers.49.jpg
Vehicles transporting people and equipment.