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1980 – Construction Ramp Varadouro Funchal (ETERMAR).
1981 – Construction of Funchal Marina (ETERMAR).
1982 – Construction Pier Containers Funchal (ETERMAR).
1983 – Construction Ramp Varadouro VENAMAR / AMORA (ETERMAR).
1984 – Construction of Azurara Pier (ETERMAR).
1987 – Construction of Pier Roll-On-Roll-Off Setubal (ETERMAR).
1988 – Construction of Pier Ouralada Setúbal (ETERMAR).
1989 – Construction of the pier and ramp Varadouro Calheta-Madeira (C.P.T.P.).
1991/93 – Expansion of the Naval Base of Lisbon (SOMEC).
1994 – cofferdams of the Pillars of Ash Harbour Bridge (FERDOURO).
1995 – Construction of Duke D ‘Alba Cacilhas (C.P.T.P.).


1980 – Dismantling of barge Orfeu – Lisbon.
1981 – Rescue Cacilheiro Palmense – Cacilhas.
1982 – Rescue of Trawlers Scholarly and Muazi – Mozambique.
1983 – Tollan Portico Recovery.
1985 – Dismantling of Balieiro Sierra – Pedrouços.
1986 – Sea Rescue Sheeperd and Wind Trader Mark – Port of Leixões (ETERMAR, E.T.E.).
1985 – Trawler Rescue Suzana Marques – Portimão.
1986 – Rescue of Draga (E.T.A. – Barreiro S.P.D.).


1980-12000 m3 in the Group Discharge Channel # 6 Dam Belver (TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION).
1991-4500 m3 in Pier of the Free Zone of Madeira Caniçal (TERMAGUE).
1992-3500 m3 in Marina Ponta Delgada Azores (Somague).
1998-8000 m3 in Cascais Marina


1979 – Recovery of Water Intake of the Pulp of Caima (PORTUCEL).
1980 – Recovery of the Pillars of Pier Eurominas Setúbal.
1980 – Refurbishment of E.D.P. Water Intake Setúbal.
1982 – Rehabilitation of the Pillars of Petrogal Gas Discharge Bridge in Rosairinho Moita (CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES).
1982 – Installation of Infrastructure of Tagol Water Outlet (CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES).
1983 – Replacement of Gas Transmission submerged tubes (Petrogal – MOITA).
1986 – Rehabilitation of the aeration tubes of cofferdams of the Cahora Bassa with resins (M.O.P. – Ministry of Public Works).
1994 – Repair of Aeration pipes of Dam of Paradela (C.P.P.E.).


1993/96 – Fire Tank Rehabilitation AD-2101 (Borealis)
1993/96 – Filmed Inspection of Fire Tank FB-2101A and FB-2101B.
1993/96 – Rehabilitation Basin of Central Cooling towers.

These rehabilitation work was carried out on elevated structures, expansion joints, cracks and fendilhações injection with epoxy resins and crosslinkable polyurethane in the presence of water.


1980/96 – Assistance to the Douro hydro power, Cávado, Lima, Tagus.
1980/96 – Dam Repair Fennel (TECNASOL – TEIXEIRA DUARTE).


1987 – Emissary Barcarena Submarine (EMISMAR).
1985 – Outfall of Laje Beach (EMISMAR).
1986 – Outfall Jamor (EMISMAR).
1987/91 – Outfall Guide (SOMEC -. C.P.T.P). Outfall of Propan – Setubal (ETERMAR).
1995 – Development of “Modus faciendi” Underwater Inspection of the Emissary Guide; Participation
in Round 1 (I.S.Q. – sanest).


1992 – Cais da Calheta / Madeira (C.P.T.P.).
1995 – Construction of Duke D ‘Alba – Cacilhas (C.P.T.P./Transtejo).
1995-96 – Rehabilitation works of the Spanish Dock (Somague / A.P.D.L.).
1996/97 – Tourist Pier Santa Apolonia (AGROMAN / ASSICONSTRÓI).
1996 – Santa Luzia Dam – Inspection shot with report for the preparation of Fund Discharge Rehabilitation Project (HIDROCENEL – C.P.P.E.).
1997 – TRANSTEJO in Preferential Regime for Public Tender Assistance Fleet and all the underwater work.
1997 – Lever Work E.T.A. (B.P.C./ BROTHERS Cavaco).
1997 – Rehabilitation of Bugio Lighthouse; Underwater Assistance (SOPOL).
1997 – Dams in the area of ​​agriculture- Rehabilitation of making water-Dam Ladoeiro (Castelo Branco); Rehabilitation of the water intake of the Estate of Lard (Alcáçovas).
1998 – Rehabilitation of the inside face of St.ª Pier Apolónia- geotextile mat Deployment (FERROVIAL / AGROMAN).
1998 – Berthing Pier Construction at Lighthouse howler (SOPOL).
1998/2000 – Underwater Inspection shot with preparation of report for rehabilitation project of the oil terminal PETROGAL / Porto Brandão and Petrogal / Faro (OZ, REHABILITATION STRUCTURES LDA).
1998 – Rehabilitation of TRANSTEJO the berthing pier in Trafaria (TECNASOL / group F. G. E.).
1998 – Rehabilitation of the bottom discharger in Dam St.ª Luzia – filmed inspection with report writing – (HIDROCENEL / group E.D.P.).
1998 – Assistance to fleet maintenance and berthing areas of TRANSTEJO (for exclusive contract).
1998 – Rehabilitation of submarine telephone cable in Sesimbra (MARCONI). St.ª LUZIA
1998 – Rehabilitation of the outlet water /C.P.P.E.).Hidrocenel Dam.
1999 – Construction of the 2nd phase of the Marina de Cascais (OBRECOL).
1999 – Rock Breaking (total 7 000 m3.) With application explosivos- Cascais Marina (SETH).
1999 – Rehabilitation of water intake systems of Dams (TILL THE BOARD Irrigators).
1999 – Disassembly and assembly of ball valve of the water outlet of the dam bottom discharger St.ª LUZIA – filmed inspection with report writing (HIDROCENEL- Pampilhosa da Serra).
1999 – Ensecagem the turbine area – shot inspection with report writing – (HYDRO’S ZÊZERE- Vacas Porto).
1999 – Underwater Inspection filmed all submerged structures Cascais Marina (MARCASCAIS).
1999 – Contract Renewal in preferential arrangements (TRANSTEJO).
2000 – Contract Renewal in preferential arrangements (TRANSTEJO).
2000 – fendering mount Algés Pier (OFM) – Port Maritime Institute.
2000 – floating formwork Recovery (MARCASCAIS- Cascais Marina).
2000 – vessel refloating the ramp Portimão (INFRASTRUCTURE NAVAL).
2000 – Construction of Inclined Plane (SOPROMAR- Lagos).
2000 – Construction / Deployment outfalls Marina Alvor (BROTHERS Cavaco).
2000 – (June) ROV Rescue stuck in the Metro tunnel – Ribeira das Naus (MarPro / METROPAÇO).
2000 – Cutting Stakes / Dismantle of Coffered at the Nations Park (Somague).
2000 – Inspections shot with reporting under the supervision Multi-modal Pier Setúbal (CONSULMAR) /A.P.S.S)..
2000 – Construction and Rehabilitation and Pier Fenders Assembly in Lighthouse howler (SOPOL).
2000 – Inspections shot with reporting buoys Emissaries of the Guide, Barcarena, Ribeira da Laje, Jamor- 1st and 2nd phase (LINDLEY).
2001 – Underwater Cutting stake in the gas-storage system Bone Praia da Baleia / Figueira da Foz (TRANSGÁS).
2001 – Underwater Deployment bridge structure in Touvedo of Ribeira in the maritime ferrovial access to Figueira da Foz Porto (OBRECOL) – INSTITUTE MARITIME PORT).
2001 – Rescue barge Chelas (TRANSTEJO).
2001 – Underwater inspections in 42 Roadway Bridges and Railway; Proman Consultants and Betar / IEP, REFER).
2002 – Mount ditch protected power supply cable in the Marina of Cascais (OEL).
2002 – Inspections filmed live with preparation of report for project repair pombalina wall in palace arches (.O.F.M.).
2002 – Rehabilitation of Breakwater Marina de Cascais (OBRECOL).
2002 – Subcontract underwater for structural rehabilitation of Pombal wall in Paco de Arcos (O.F.M./A.P.L.)
2002 – Dredging and downgrade the maneuver basin in the river pier Transtejo-Trafaria
2002 – Varadouro Ramp Construction 4,500 TONS of Shipyards of Talaminho / SETH water reservoirs in the river water intake (EPAL / TOMÁS DE OLIVEIRA, S.A), 2003-Implementation.
2003 – Construçãorampa and beaching the Clube Naval de Cascais (MARCASCAIS SA).
2003 – protective Network Deployment in adduction channel Central Sines Thermal Power (PCAP).
2003 – Inspections with video footage of buoys of outfalls Guide and Estoril (LINDLEY).
2003 – Contract “Great repair and submerged structural rehabilitation of the breakwater and inner breakwaters Cascais Marina” (Marcascais SA).
2003 – Subcontract “Construction of six boat launch ramps in Vila Nova da Barquinha, Constancia, Tancos, Arrepiado” (LENA THE BUILDER).
2003 – Subcontract of underwater work “Construction of the 3rd phase of the Mondego Green Park” (BUILDER OF LENA / SOCOLIRO).
2004 – Contract for the reprofiling of the reception bays banquette with TOT fill in Marina de Cascais (Marcascais S.A.).
2004 – Stabilization stakes in the berthing area Cascais Marina.
2004 – underwater cutting Subcontracting of sheet piles in Sorraia Bridge – Old in Coruche. (Teixeira Duarte / IEP).
2004 – Rehabilitation of the fixed parts and main water take command of Dam Tourega – Vimieiro (Agricultural Corporation Lopes Aleixo.).
2004 – Underwater Inspection filmed in continuous monitoring of the taking of water from group V (left and right mouth) of Belver Dam. Teixeira Duarte / PCAP.
2004 – Subcontract of “cofferdam Assembly and ensecagem the GrupoV Dam Belver (Teixeira Duarte / PCAP).
2004 – Underwater Inspection filmed with digital support en report preparation of D.Luis Bridge in Santarém (Via Ponte / IEP).
2004 – protective network mount Contract for sea water supply channel in Sines Thermal Power Plant (PCAP).
2004 – Contract “Dredging the river mooring area of ​​Cais da Trafaria and Seixal (Transtejo EP).
2005 – Underwater Inspection filmed deployment zone Footbridge Pier da Rocha. (Teixeira Duarte-APL)
2005 – filmed underwater inspection and underwater work in Tamega Bridge. (Conduril-Refer).
2005 – Dragagen sands and silts in St. Bernard pier in Marina de Cascais (MarCascais).
2005 – lashings stake stabilization in Marina de Cascais (Marcascais).
2005 – sediment collection in the Tagus River-Borne background – (Tace- Construction Road Tagus crossing.)
2005 – Reablitação the railway bridge in Marco de Canavezes, Conduril -Refer
2005 – Rehabilitation and consolidation of pillar 1 Bridge-EP Pedrógão Alentejo.
2005 – Sines-EDP Center of the anti-alga protection system Implementation
2005 – Construction Contract pier of the organization of ISAF2007-Cascais Marina
2006 – fuel pier construction Contract Cascais Marina – ISAF2007
2006 – Construction of Pillar 1 of the new Tagus crossing-Tace Born-Breeze.
2006 – Construction Contract warning beacon will browsing Marina Boca – MarCascais.
2006 – Construction Contract of tide gauge-Marcascais tube
2006 – Underwater Inspection and preparation of project repair quay of LBC-Tanquipor -Barreiro.
2006 – Contract for Demolition explosive rocky outcrops pier Tompsom -C.Naval Cascais -ISAF2007
2007 – Subcontract prolonging ramp CNCascais.-CPTP
2007 – Contract for construction of moorings of mega-yachts in the Marina of Cascais.
2007 – Subcontract rehabilitation of Lanheses Bridge (Soares da Costa).
2007 – Moorings on breakwater Cascais Marina.
2007 – Installation works moorings system of the Fontainhas recreational dock at Setúbal – APSS.
2008 – 2nd phase of rock breakage contract in Tompson Pier Cascais Naval Club
2008 – Subcontract major repair of outfall Guide Cascais … in consortium with Proaquática Seth-Saneste.
2008 – Subcontract of underwater work in the maritime interface Terreiro do Paco Cavaco-Brothers SA -MetropaçoTtranstejo.
2008 – Underwater Inspection and Rehabilitation of the water intake system Dam Monte Novo-Évora. Alentejo Centro waters.
2008 – Repair of cooling tubes TRG basin -Solvay Portugal, Alhandra.
2008 – Dredging of mud and sand in the St. Bernardo- MarCascais Pier.
2008 – locas Rehabilitation Contract and embankments on the walls of retention and breakwater Cascais Marina.
2009 – Breaking the explosive rocky outcrops in St. Bernard Pier – Marcascais.
2009 – Supervision of reposicionamentode moorings and dredging the jetty 9 Alcantara-APL Lisbon recreational dock.
2009 – Subcontract cutting staking support the temporary bridge of Alcacer do Sal -Opuwai-EP.
2009 – cable deployment Subcontract optical fiber for monitoring the association of irrigators-Dam Meimoa, Sabugal..Tecno Spie- Min.Agricultura.
2010 – Subcontract rehabilitation of berthing pier support strips Alstom-Setúbal.
2010 – Inspection and repair of the underwater bottom spillway of the dam of Pracana-EDP, Production.
2011 – Dam bottom unloader repair Pracana-EDP.
2011 – embankment consolidation Contract Command House and the submerged berm consolidation and breakwater block Cascais Marina-Marcascais.
2012/2013 – Subcontract of underwater work in the construction of Paenal Pier in Amboin-Angola Porto to Conduril Angola (currently still running)..
2012/2013 – Contract for repair of sluices and water outlet control systems Dam Vigia. Alentejo Centro waters.
2013 – Rehabilitation of metal structures in bacteria tank Renova (Diving in SBQ).
2013 – sand dredging contract job in the mouth of the Marina de Cascais a total of 10.000m3 (Marcascais).
2013 – various interventions under maintenance contract thermal power stations EDP.


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