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The Company

      The Subcentro - Professional Divers, is directed by Professionals with experience acquired during more than Thirty years of services provided the Public and Private Enterprise, Fifteen of which the service of the I.T.S. We take pride in having participated in the execution and supervision of works of great expression and excellence in all areas of the Professional Diving in the course of all these years of work.
     The Company has at its disposal a human capital and equipment that allow to perform any work within its areas of intervention. We are holders of the Construction permit INCI of the 3rd category, Hydraulics Maritime and Fluvial Works, Sub-categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Grades 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1 and 5th category, Sub-categories 1,5,1,1, Classes 1, 3, 1.


Diver and Manager Subcentro Daniel Luis


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Cutting-edge equipment
for your Work

- Platform support 8m x 8m.
- Decompression chamber of six divers.
- Compressors Bauer - High Pressure .
- Train consists of breathable air bottles
- Helmets communicators AGA, EXO26.
- Mobile submarines.
- Equipment for closed circuit filming.
- Equipment for open circuit filming.
- Recompression Chamber
- Equipment for measuring thickness
Ultrasound - certified by "Lloyds".
- Digital filming equipment circuit closed
- Kirby Morgan Helmets (Km37 and KM28).
- Bureau of gas mixture with Neumo System.
- Umbilical of four lines of communications
- BP compressors, semi-autonomous - Narguilé.
- Equipment for underwater cutting and welding Divex
and Broco.
- Support boats semi-rigid 50 H.P.
- Boats Rapid response 15 HP
- Equipment demolition and recording Atlas-Copco
- Equipment of hydraulic suspension - 30 Tons.
- Equipment for injecting resins
- Equipment of Waterjet
- All hydraulic equipment adapted
the Underwater Environment
- Balloons suspension.
- Toya dredging pumps 5, 10 and 30 HP.
- Industrial Compressor.
- Rotary Hammers and breakers.
- Vehicles for transporting people and equipment.


Diver and Manager Subcentro

  Daniel Luis - Courses and Specialties:

- Underwater Weapons Course - Underwater Navigation
Specialization / Submariner;
- Monitor Swimmer / Salvador;
- Military Diver Course;
- Civil Professional Diver Course;
- Course Operator Explosive Substances.
- Stroke Prevention and Safety at Work (Labor Ministry).
- Course on Damage Limitation (Limitation of Damages School).
- Accreditation for underwater use and application of explosives
(bill of explosives operator No. 6325 MAI).
- Training in safety (Safety Passport EDP-PCAP).
Expertise in underwater cutting and welding certified by

the Spanish Academy of Diver.
- Professional Diver Course 1st class of Great Depth.

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Diver and Manager Subcentro Daniel Luis

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